“Rebuild Global represents an exciting new force in design. Because it works as thoughtfully and energetically with social architecture as with physical, it exemplifies design sensibility at its best. We desperately need this kind of organization to redesign the seriously flawed infrastructure of every part of our society. Rebuild Global has what it takes.”
Richard Farson, Psychologist, Educator and Author

“Brian Will and the Rebuild team were an instrumental partner for the development and implementation of the Safe Trestles Competition. Working with the local community partners, they provided valuable local knowledge and contributed site analysis, competition and exhibition logistics, and community outreach for the project. We look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with the Rebuild team.”
Michael Jones, Program Manager, Architecture For Humanity

“I’m delighted for our students, Rebuild Global has helped us expand our garden program to allow all our students to experience hands-on, outdoor learning.”
Julie Morgan, Treasurer, Washington Elementary School Foundation

“The San Onofre Foundation extends a profound thank you to San Diego’s “Rebuild Global” for their nearly two year commitment and support for the “Safe Trestles” project at San Onofre State Beach.

The “Safe Trestles” project has been a community effort to raise awareness and offer potential design solutions providing safe pedestrian and bicycle trail access to the most popular surfing beach in North America, “Lower Trestles” at San Onofre State Beach. The non-profit Architecture for Humanity created an international design competition to stimulate discussion and promote real solutions for this environmentally and culturally complex public access route which traverses a “Natural Wetlands Preserve” and crosses an active railroad line. At the outset of this project, the volunteer efforts of “Rebuild Global” were enlisted as the local partner chosen to provide onsite support, including site analysis, project logistics and community outreach.

Mr. Brian Will of “Rebuild Global” immersed his talent and time into fully understanding the nuances of this sensitive cultural and environmental challenge, becoming a subject matter expert that could and did reflect the realities and expectations of the broad spectrum of stakeholders whose interests are impacted by eventual solutions.

“Rebuild Global” became the hub of intellectual and physical support to the international field of designers and served as an outstanding liaison between the community and the group of non-profits supporting this endeavor.

The San Onofre Foundation salutes “Rebuild Global” for their commitment to helping design an environmentally and socially responsible world community. “Trestles” is a “World Treasure” that demands exactly this level compassionate and thoughtful support. It has been an honor working alongside an organization whose goals and ideals are the bright hope for the future of humanity on planet Earth.

Steve Long, Founder and Senior Advisor, The San Onofre Foundation

“Rebuild Global’s individual energies, collaborative efforts and global perspective serve as an inspiring model of a new work order focused on positive change, one community at a time. Their humanity and resolve all but ensure the realization of their mission; that is, simply put, to make the world a better place.”
Leslee Schaffer, Executive Director, San Diego Architectural Foundation

“True to its “building for a social purpose” mantra, this San Diego based, nonprofit collective is all about creating socially and environmentally responsible spaces that unite communities and inspire interaction – from homes to classrooms to shelters to public gardens. Rebuild’s volunteer designers work hand-in-hand with like-minded organizations, architects and other designers, providing both in-house design services and education.”
Sarah Daoust, Senior Managing Editor, 944 Magazine
Rebuild Global was chosen as editor’s pick in 944 Magazine’s December 2010 “Editors’ Guide to Eco Luxury”

“Washington Elementary is the perfect place for an urban garden, building this garden will bring together our students, parents and community members by providing a project that beautifies the school and teaches us about our food sources and our environment.”
Janie Wardlow, Principal at Washington Elementary

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