Week 3: Ideate, Human Centred Design

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Here we are, week 3 into the program and it’s been great fun! In our last meeting we had to choose a design challenge that we would focus on for the next couple of weeks. We decided to look at ways to provide healthier food options for people who need it most with our primary focus being senior citizens. The previous week was all about conducting research and interviews and making sense of the collected data. This week we conducted interviews with a chemist, a nutritionist and visited a senior centre and spoke with two nuns about the common symptoms of senior citizens, their eating patterns and daily schedules. We learned from individuals who donate their time that the nutritional value of what people eat is relatively good, however loneliness and depression can play the bigger factor as to why people do not eat healthy. Our interviews provided us with greater insight and we started to brainstorm possible solutions to increase healthy eating habits amongst senior citizens. Our goal this week is for each team member to come up with a short term proposal that will address our challenge and then we will vote and prototype one solution. We are almost there and it’s been great fun, stay tuned for week 4 and alternative proposals!

Interview with Sister Camila

We must have come up with a solution!

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