Our New Blog!

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We’ve started a new blog, HelloRebuild360 and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Come check out our latest online projects by clicking here! Our goal is to highlight projects and programs that inspire the next generation of design professionals and students to understand the human implication of the role of designers. If you have a story you would like us to feature, email our creative writer, Acellam Benard at We look forward to sharing your stories with the rest of the world!

Week 3: Ideate, Human Centred Design

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Here we are, week 3 into the program and it’s been great fun! In our last meeting we had to choose a design challenge that we would focus on for the next couple of weeks. We decided to look at ways to provide healthier food options for people who need it most with our primary focus being senior citizens. The previous week was all about conducting research and interviews and making sense of the collected data. This week we conducted interviews with a chemist, a nutritionist and visited a senior centre and spoke with two nuns about the common symptoms of senior citizens, their eating patterns and daily schedules. We learned from individuals who donate their time that the nutritional value of what people eat is relatively good, however loneliness and depression can play the bigger factor as to why people do not eat healthy. Our interviews provided us with greater insight and we started to brainstorm possible solutions to increase healthy eating habits amongst senior citizens. Our goal this week is for each team member to come up with a short term proposal that will address our challenge and then we will vote and prototype one solution. We are almost there and it’s been great fun, stay tuned for week 4 and alternative proposals!

Interview with Sister Camila

We must have come up with a solution!

Week 1: HCD for Social Innovation

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So a number of us are participating in IDEO’s/Acumen’s Human Centered Design for Social Innovation and thought this would be a great opportunity to blog about our 5 week course and participation. We are a group of about 20 individuals who came together to learn more about IDEO’s design process. Being familiar with the work, I gave a presentation to a group of individuals who were interested in learning more about HCD, referring to my work here in India with Design Impact and Global Studio as case study examples. The following week, we broke off into teams of 3-6 individuals with similar interests in the field of education, architecture, agriculture, etc. My group met at a cafe and we started off by recapping our first week’s reading on design and social innovation, followed by 3-5 exercises, interviewing our teammates and doing small charettes. So far so good, will keep you posted on our plans and what’s to come for Class #2, when we are meant to meet out in the field and perhaps pick a project. ~ Sandra

Some words of inspiration..

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Nominate Your City

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We’re spreading the word.. check out Rockefellar Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge.. planning and building better cities allows us to pave the way for healthier communities.. is your city in need of building greater resilience? Take a look at this video below to learn how you can nominate your city.. 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge

Design Opportunities

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Studio H is hiring! We love the work of Project H and all the folks behind the organization. Here’s the latest skinny, if you are a design professional seeking a new job opportunity, here it is: Studio H is seeking one creative, handy, tenacious, spunky, compassionate, and fearless design teacher to join our team. Work with 8th graders in a charter school in Berkley and earn a hard working salary and create, build and design.. not bad at all for a nice design gig. Application deadline: June 28th, 2013. Click here for more information.

Human Centered Design Workshop

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We can’t help it, but we’re pretty excited to participate in a 5 week course on human centered design by in conjunction with Acumen. If you are interested in participating and would like to form a group, send us an email ( and we’ll try and match you with like-minded and socially responsible designers from our volunteer network so you too can enjoy the ride. For more information, click here and don’t forget to register by July 3rd, 2013. Best part: it’s free!

Program Spotlight on Design Ignites Change

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This past month we submitted a proposal to a pretty fantastic organization, Design Ignites Change, that supports the work of architects and designers wanting to make a difference. Out of a pool of applicants they select projects that are worthy of receiving funding and ignite change, hence the name. We put together a proposal for Global Assistance and you can see what we submitted by clicking here. Make sure to click on all the links on the bottom left and hope you can join us for our next trip. Wish us luck!

Straight off the Press! Newsletter June 2013

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Click here to read the latest news!

Our Work Featured in Crit Magazine (AIAS Student Publication)

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Check it out folks and get the latest featured article of Rebuild Global’s work here! Last year five students from Newschool of Architecture and Design, located in San Diego, California, participated in our Global Assistance program and were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to support the work of our partnering organizations in Kenya. While most of their time was spent providing plans and assisting in the construction of some of our partners facilities, they also had the chance to go on a day safari and see the African wildlife in a national park. Special thanks to our in-house volunteer, Crystal Neff for putting the story together and to Tony, Jeff, Samantha, Geoff, Christian and Titus for contributing and sharing their stories and telling us about their journey. Each of their stories inspires and motivates us to continue to grow! Hope you all can join us for a trip.

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