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Inspired by programs such as the Peace Corps, Teach for America and Operation Crossroads Africa, Global Assistance is a program designed for professionals and students from the fields of architecture and design who wish to travel overseas and work on social impact projects. We establish partnerships with local organizations, communities and institutions to deliver essential services and resources where they are unavailable and needed most. Individuals have the the option to choose from a variety of projects addressing housing, health, education, water and sanitation in Africa, India or Guatemala.

How it Works

Partner and Project Selection

  • We evaluate community organizations, non-profits, and NGOs to identify projects that, through rigorous design, have the power to significantly alter the quality of life in a community.
  • The scope of the project is set prior to volunteers’ participation and participants may work on a variety of projects addressing health, education, housing, water, food or sanitation.

Program and Schedule

  • Each program varies and participants will be assisting our host organizations with the design, research and implementation of projects and programs.
  • Rebuild Global participants will work in tandem with volunteers from the partnering organization and the local community.
  • Individuals can choose to spend two to seven weeks assisting our partner organizations. Length of stay can be determined by each individual/group.

Follow-up and Evaluation

  • The ongoing success of Rebuild Global requires a continual effort to evaluate and improve.
  • After project completion, together with the partnering organization, projects are evaluated to ensure they have met the communities needs and are improving the quality of life for its members.
  • Participants are then responsible for providing and presenting a project report on the research and findings of their projects when they return.

Program Costs and Benefits

Program costs will vary, depending on the length of your trip and the organization we partner you with. Rebuild Global will provide participants with fundraising tools he or she can use to help cover the costs associated with living and traveling expenses. The benefits are extremely rewarding and life-changing. We hope you will join us for a trip!

  • Gain international experience
  • Learn firsthand about a community, its culture, the people, and issues facing global communities
  • Develop your skill sets and build your CV
  • Work on social impact projects
  • Make a difference
  • Support those in need
  • Earn college credit (if applicable)

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