Designer Match Program

Rebuild Global’s mission is to provide socially responsible and sustainable architecture and design solutions where they are unavailable and needed most. Without pro-bono services from the design community, we could never achieve these goals. By signing up today we will match you with a designer or a community based organization in need of professional design services. This program matches worthy projects with designers who want to make a difference.

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects and engineers


Are you a designer who is looking for an outlet to give back to your community but don’t know where to start or how to sort through the sea of requests for pro-bono services. Perhaps you’ve already committed to donate a percent of your firm’s time, but are finding it difficult to locate projects to make good on that commitment. Whatever the reasons, Rebuild Global can match you to a deserving project in your community. Please review and submit the registration form and we will contact you with potential project matches, plus you’ll be included in our preferred designer referral list and receive leads to additional “for fee” work.

Non-profits and community organizations


Are you in need of design services? An architect, landscape architect, or interior designer? If you are a non-profit or community organization working to improve our communities and improve the lives of people in it, then we want to help. Tell us about your project and we’ll match you with a pro-bono designer committed to giving back to the community. Submit your Pro-Bono Services Application and we’ll match you to a top-notch designer in your area.

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